Plymouth Rock Insurance Review 2023 | Is It Safe??

Last Updated on: 14th January 2023, 01:14 am

For Plymouth Rock Insurance, service is their number one priority. They attribute much of their success over the years to this stalwart commitment. 

Their companies now write and manage more than $1.7 billion in auto and home insurance premiums across Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York and Pennsylvania. 

Customers are able to purchase either standalone car insurance or homeowners insurance from Plymouth Rock Insurance; both have highly competitive premiums and attractive features.


Why should I choose Plymouth Rock Insurance?

  • Plymouth Rock Assurance is a division of Plymouth Rock Companies, an independent insurance agency servicing Eastern Massachusetts. 
  • They have been insuring home and auto since 1982! Over that time, they’ve developed long-standing relationships with their clients, who in turn have recommended us to their friends and family—in fact, many of their current customers came to them through referral.
  • Although they are as committed as ever to delivering on quality products at reasonable prices for all Massachusetts residents, Plymouth Rock Assurance has grown over decades into one of New England’s leading providers of personal insurance products.
  •  If you’re looking for affordable rates or simple but thorough coverage, you’ve come to the right place.

How To Claim Insurance From Plymouth Rock Insurance

  • Depending on what insurance coverage you have with Plymouth Rock, there are a few ways to go about making your claim.
  •  If you’re filing an auto or home insurance claim, you’ll need to contact your agent first. 
  • In most cases, once it’s verified that your policy is in-tact, they’ll submit a claim on your behalf.
  • For those instances where you need immediate help or live outside of Plymouth Rock’s coverage area, their 24/7 hotline will connect you directly with one of their claims professionals or you can call them on this no. 844-346-1225 for auto and home insurance claims.
  • Don’t worry if you aren’t able to find an answer to your question online – Plymouth Rock has several call centers operating around-the-clock so they can quickly address your concerns as they arise.
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Which types of insurance policies does Plymouth Rock Insurance offer?

  • Plymouth Rock offers both auto and home insurance, in addition to condo, renters, motorcycle, commercial and umbrella insurance. 
  • Depending on your state and location, Plymouth Rock may offer different types of personal and commercial auto policies—but it can always be customized to suit your individual needs.
  • It’s also possible to add unique endorsements or package policies together for a discounted rate. 
  • Home insurance will vary by state because it is regulated at that level; however, all homeowners are required to have a minimum amount of coverage.
  • Plymouth Rock also offers renters and condominium coverage options that provide protection against various disasters—and there is no need for separate accounts because Plymouth rocks does not require you to open a separate account for each type of policy you own.

Who needs Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance?

  • If you’re looking for car insurance in Massachusetts, Plymouth Rock may be able to help.
  •  The company operates in all almost every state, so drivers can find an agent near them. 
  • The most common type of auto insurance is a liability policy that covers your medical bills as well as property damage to cars, other vehicles or structures.
  •  If you have a good driving record, you may also qualify for discounts on your premium; if not, it never hurts to ask!

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Plymouth Rock Insurance Phone Number And Contact Info.

  • They help policyholders achieve safe, secure lifestyles through providing coverage for auto, home and business insurance. 
  • Whether you’re looking for general liability insurance or commercial umbrella policies, Plymouth Rock has what you need to keep things running smoothly. Here Are the Contact Information
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Main no. :- 844-242-3555

Claims For Auto And Home :- 844-346-1225

For More Contact click Here

is Plymouth Rock Insurance will help you find the cheapest car insurance quote

  • They will help you find cheap auto insurance quote. 
  • Also, Plymouth Rock Insurance helps you learn more about no claims bonus points (NCB) and how to keep your NCD’s as low as possible to ensure you are saving as much money on your car insurance premiums as possible. 
  • Plymouth rock car insurance is a great company to go with when it comes to getting cheap auto insurance quote. 
  • Be sure too check out their homepage for all sorts of deals on home, auto, life and health insurances. 
  • You can also compare Plymouth rock car insurance companies side by side so that you know exactly what each one offers in terms of coverage.

Does Plymouth Rock offers Discounts & Benefits

  • Plymouth Rock offers discounts to senior citizens, licensed drivers, and military veterans. 
  • They also provide a policy waiver of up to $500 if you bundle your auto insurance with home or renters coverage. 
  • Take advantage of these incentives to receive affordable auto and home insurance from Plymouth Rock! Contact them today for a quote on your policy.

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Plymouth Rock Insurance For Car

  • The Plymouth Rock Car Insurance Group currently has offices in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York and Pennsylvania. 
  • With all of these locations they are able to provide fast response times no matter where you are located.
  • Each location also provides free claims advice through a 24/7 helpline service. 
  • If you’re looking for affordable insurance, Plymouth Rock is a company worth checking out. 
  • They provide customers with low cost quotes that make it easy to find competitive prices and save money on your auto insurance policy.
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Plymouth Rock Insurance locations

  • Plymouth Rock Insurance began as a home and auto insurance agency in Boston, Massachusetts, back in 1982. 
  • Today, they works in several locations —Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania—They are one of New England’s top full-service insurance agencies.
  •  The company provides a diverse range of services including business insurance, home & condo owner’s insurance, renters’ insurance and more.
  •  With an established history as one of America’s largest residential underwriters, they pride themselves on getting to know you and your family inside and out.
  • Your needs are paramount to them; that is why Plymouth Rock delivers personal attention and quality service that comes standard with every policy issued by their company. For more Locations Click Here

Want To Be An Agent in Plymouth Rock Insurance

  • Plymouth Rock provides customers with a range of products to meet their needs and budgets. 
  • The Plymouth Rocks offers individual auto insurance, personal umbrella coverage, condo insurance, renters insurance and business owners coverage.
  •  If you are interested in an opportunity to sell insurance for Plymouth rock in your local community, then contact one of their field managers or you can apply From Here