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Robert Frost is known as a great poet. The poems of Robert Frost are popular far and wide.

His poems have won many awards, about which you will read further. Robert Frost did not get any special fame for 40 years, but after 40 years his poems became popular all over the world.

One of his famous poems is “The Road Not Taken”, this poem had won the hearts of the whole world.

Who was the Robert Frost?

  • Robert Frost was a very famous poet whose poems were discussed all over the world.
  • Robert Frost was awarded 4 Pulitzer Prizes. He has many famous poems, some of his famous poems are something like “fire and ice”, “out out” “nothing gold can stay” and there are many more which you will get to read ahead.
  • His poems were very popular, which is read in the graduation ceremony of all the states, the name of that poem is “The Road Not Taken”.
  • Robert Frost was invited as a special guest at the inaugration of the President named John F. Kennedy and he was honored there as the “Poet Laureate”
  • Frost was not popular for 40 years of his life, but after that the magic of his poems spread all over the world, he was highly praised and he achieved many achievements.
  • He died in 1963 due to prostate surgery.

Robert Frost Early Life

  • Robert’s date of birth is March 26, 1874, he was born in San Francisco, his father’s name was William Prescott Frost (Jr.) and his mother’s name was Isabel Moody.
  • His father had died due to an illness.
  • Robert Frost moved with his mother and younger sister to Lawrence, a city in Massachusetts.
  • When Robert Frost was in his 10th grade, he started enjoying reading and writing poetry.
  • In 1892, he was admitted to the college. 
  • The name of that college was Dormant College, later he went to Boston a university called Harvard, although he had to leave the college after 2 years, due to which he did not get any degree.
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Robert Frost Picture

Robert Frost-pictures-writevisor

Robert Frost Wife and children

  • When Robert Frost was in high school, he met his first love and future wife named Elinor White, their love gradually grew deeper as he grew up.
  • When he came to college, Robert Frost proposed marriage to Elinor White, but Elinor White turned him down because she wanted to finish her college first. 
  • Robert Frost decided to go on a trip. He went to Virginia for the trip. When he returned from the trip, he again proposed to Elinor White for marriage.
  • Elinor White had finished college by the time Elinor White married. Said yes to They got married on 19 December 1895.
  • Frost and Elinor White had 6 children, their first girl was Elliot, she was born in 1896, her second daughter’s name was Lassie, she was born in 1899. Elliot died in 1900 after suffering some illness. 
  • After his death, Elinor gave birth to 4 more children, their third child was a son named Carol, he was born in 1902 who committed suicide in 1940, his fourth child was a girl named Irma who was a few years old.
  • After becoming mentally ill, their fifth child was named Marjorie, who was born in 1905.
  • Joe died in his late 20s, and Elinor White’s last child was born in 1907, her name was Elinor Bettina, who died a few weeks after birth.
  • Elinor White died of a heart attack in 1938.

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Robert Frost Early Poetry

  • In 1894, “My Butterfly”, the first poem by Robert Frost, appeared in The Independent magazine.
  • The magazine that was published was a weekly literary magazine in New York City.
  • In 1906, Robert Frost found another publication that published 2 more poems by Robert Frost, the names of those poems are “The Tuft of Flowers” and “The Trial Boy Existence”.
  • After the publication of these two poems, they could not find any other publisher who could publish other poems. 
  • In 1912, Robert Frost and Elinor White made a decision together that they would go to England.
  • They hoped that in England they would find publishers who would like to publish their poems and what was then they had a farm in New Hampshire they sold it and came to England.
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Nature Of Robert Frost

  • Robert Frost is considered to be a completely natural poet but this is absolutely wrong.
  • There is an imprint of nature in many of his poems, but his real relation is with humanity. 
  • Robert Frost himself has said that he has written more than 3-4 poems on nature, just in which he has completely talked about nature only, he did not write more than that. 
  • The relationships of humanity are depicted in most of his poems by Robert Frost.

Robert Frost Famous poems and small information

  • Today we are going to tell about a great poem by Robert Frost “the road not taken” This poem has changed the lives of people.
  • In this poem, we have been told that how we take many wrong decisions in life, then we keep repenting in life. 
  • looks very carefully when he first looks at the path, then the leaves are falling from the trees, no one is visible on that path, similarly we have many such opportunities in life from which we have to choose one but We do not think at all that if we make the wrong choice, then what will be the result on our life when the poet chooses one of those two paths which is the same path which he was seeing and understanding while he feels that both the paths are equal. 
  • Both the paths are good but it does not happen that the path he chooses is a bad path, there are very few people on that path, similarly if we choose the wrong path in life, then it is very difficult to change that path and start from the beginning. 
  • It becomes difficult if you choose the wrong path then it is enough to destroy your life. It all depends on what you choose.
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Robert Frost Prizes and awards

  • Robert Frost has won more than 40 prizes in his entire life. In 1942, Robert Frost received the first Pulitzer Prize for his book New Hampshire.
  • Then he collected poems in 1931, then in 1937 for A Forward Range and in A Witness Tree 1943, he was awarded a Pulitzer for all these.
  • In 1960, Congress awarded Frost the Congressional Gold Medal.

Robert Frost Death

  • Robert Frost died on 29 January 1963 while performing a surgery. He was buried at Old Bennington Cemetery in Bennington, Vermont. 
  • Which is mentioned in the line of his poem “The Lesson For Today” 1942 “I had a lover’s quarrel with the world.